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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016
"Lightness?" january - march 2012

Born in Belgium in 1969, he lives and works in Brussels.

TMultidisciplinary artist Hans Op de Beeck creates sculptures, installations, video work, photography, animated films, drawings, paintings and also writes short stories. It is his quest for the most effective way of presenting the tangible contents of each work that determines the medium that he ultimately selects. The artist not only uses a very wide variety of media, he also deliberately employs a diversity of aesthetic forms, ranging from an economical, minimalist visual language to overloaded, exaggerated designs. Thematically, his work concentrates on our laborious and problematic relationship with time, space and each other. Op de Beeck shows the viewer non-existent, yet identifiable places, moments and characters that appear to have been taken from contemporary everyday life. In his images, he aims to capture the tragicomic absurdity of our postmodern existence.


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