De Kunstenaars

"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1951 in France. Lives and works in Hargicourt.

In 1974, Alfred Marié met Corinne who became his companion as well as his essential link to the external world, thus he chose his artist’s name: A.C.M. for Alfred Corinne Marié. The precarious living conditions in which the couple lived deeply influenced the way ACM sculptures are elaborated. The sculptures are made from mechanical or electronic components taken out of typewriters, transistors, and alarm clocks, among others. After sorting all these little fragments, he assembles them according to their specificities and coats them with acid or paint. Those reconstructed machines loose their former utilitarian function and become architectures to watch and to dream about, looking like legendary edifices or imaginary cities inhabited by strange and fantastic creatures, both impressive and delicate. A.C.M. constantly reworks his sculptures, alternating building and oxidation destruction process.