De Kunstenaars

"From here to eternity" october 2016 - april 2017
"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016
"States of Mind" january - march 2014
Lightness" january - march 2012

Born in 1974 in Canada. Lives and works in New York.

 David Altmejd is known for his large-scale sculptures of anthropomorphic figures cast in a state of metamorphosis. His work explores the boundaries of traditional figuration by embedding his subjects with otherworldly elements and reconceptualising the human figure’s representation in all its spatial, spiritual and psychological multiplicity. The body as a ‘container’ and as a site for, and of, transformation — both literal and figurative — is a recurrent theme in Altmejd’s creations. “I use a lot of strategies that are inspired by biology — I am trying to build the piece so that it feels like it’s alive.” Altmejd explains. At the beginning, each sculpture is a simple frame, upon which the artist meticulously applies different components like polystyrene, fur, crystals or mirrors. He tries to create connections and juxtapositions between these diverse materials, which results in elaborate surfaces and visually complex arrangements. In Altmejd own words, “The amazing thing about sculpture is that it exists in the same space as you … it breathes the same air.”