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 "Pair(s)" september - december 2015

Born in the USA in 1930, she lives and works in New York.

Rosemary Lewandowski-Lois grew up in Syracuse, New York, in a family of steel workers and farmers. She studied Advertising Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and then worked as an art director for several ad agencies and magazines before devoting herself to painting. Her “painting machines” testify of her fascination with the relation between man and machine.  Lewandowski-Lois’ art is heavily influenced by the Precisionist movement (an American art movement which celebrated modern engineering, constructions and factories) as well as by the art of Fernand Léger. Aside from her “machine paintings”, she is also known for her portraits of friends and family. Together with her husband George Lois, also an advertising art director, they collect primitive and modern art.


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