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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016
"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Born in Minsk in 1951, he lives and works in Moscow.

Ivan Loubennikov is a painter and professor at the Surikov Institute in Moscow. His figurative paintings are related to both Russian and European painting traditions. Loubennikov functions as a bridge between those two traditions. The major themes in his work are women, eating and drinking, but he is also interested in the complex position of Russia between Europe and Asia and the Americanization of his home country. Loubennikov also created monumental murals for metro stations in Moscow (Maïakovskaïa, Sretenski boulevar and Slavianski) and in Paris (Madeleine). The latter is a large glasswork called Ryaba the Hen, referring to a famous Russian folk tale.