Les Artistes

"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016 
"Pair(s)" september - december 2015
"Obsession" january - march 2015
"Resonance(s)" april - june 2014
"States of Mind" january - march 2014
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013
"Red" september - december 2012
"Origin(s)" may - june 2011

Born in Roeselare in 1981, he lives and works in Brussels.

In his somber, romantic works, Thomas Lerooy deals with the impermanence of being from an unexpectedly ironic perspective: in his fantastic drawings, which the artist executes with the precision of an Old Master, putti are strangled with garden hoses, busts of heroes are hollowed out like a tomato and filled with prawns, a man crumbling under the weight of his own head. Teeming with allegorical content, he adds a permanent malice that has always preserved Belgian art of too much darkness. Lerooy sees the artist as a mediator between man and his inner world, a world that in his works becomes luxuriant and manifests itself by overflowing the structure of the body.