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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016

Born in Uerdingen (Germany) in 1912, he died in 1990.

Adolf Luther was a German lawyer and one of main representatives of kinetic and optical art. He gave up his successful career to devote his life to art. His Light- and Object art attempts to make the invisible visible and to grasp a reality that eludes sculptural capture and expression. To him, light represented a sublime reality; he assumed the existence of an immaterial, invisible essence of light, which he considered to be a polar opposite to the material world. As early as 1958, he dedicated himself to the investigation of light and its energetic-optical properties. In 1967, he created a room with light focused in smoke and in 1970, he started working with laser beams. Luther founded the Adolf Luther Stiftung Krefeld Foundation in 1989. Its purpose is the development and support of research investigating the conceptual foundations of concrete art since the early fifties. Additionally, it curates his works and private collection, provides restorations and awards a Development Prize for young artists. Today Luther’s works are installed in public spaces and exhibited in several museums, such as Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Neue Nationalgalerie.