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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016

Born in Canteleu (France) in 1945, he lives and works in La Celle Saint-Cloud (France).

Jean-Marc Lange has been passionate by art –especially by music – since childhood, and he later attended the Paris conservatoire where he studied under composer Olivier Messiaen. Lange only truly discovered painting when reading an illustrated Larousse dictionary and started copying the reproductions of paintings. Painter Maurice Brianchon admitted the young artist in his atelier; at the age of 19, Lange won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome. The bustling beach of Ostia, its southerly wind and the Roman terraces inspire Lange long after he left Italy. Lange also produces sculptures, lithographs and linocuts, and finds continuous inspiration in his travels. He paints in warm earth tones, ochre and whites, outlined with strong black lines and filled with cartoonish humor. La Celle Saint-Cloud asked Lange and his wife, artist Jacqueline Georges Deyme, to become involved in the artistic life of the city. The couple’s studio is open to students and the public as part of a cultural and artistic association to bring together all forms of art.

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