Les Artistes

"Resonance(s)" april - june 2014 

Born in 1936 in Greece. Lives and works in Rome.

Painter, performance artist and sculptor, Jannis Kounellis creates artworks with a conceptual language that has its origins in the Arte Povera. In his particular interpretations of painting, he substitutes the canvas by iron plates and the paint by earth, wool, plants or found objects. In the late 1960’s he began even to use animals, alive or dead, in his works. With this striking combination of organic and inorganic elements, Kounellis defies conventional artistic structures and tries to fuse the experience of art and life. His multilayered work resumes elements of the human history and addresses tensions of the contemporary society. More recently the artist developed an increasingly architectural vocabulary, creating labyrinthine environments and manipulating the spaces of exhibition to give the audience a full experience.