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"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Born in Belgium in 1938, he lives and works in Brussels.

Comics author Hermann Huppen (known as Hermann) started his career as an interior designer working in Montreal and New York. His first comics were published in the 1960s in Spirou magazine. His breakthrough came with his series Bernard Prince, which was published in Tintin magazine from 1966 onwards. Hermann created the series with the writer Greg, with whom he also created the western series Comanche. His most famous work as a solo artist is the series Jeremiah, which he created in 1979. Hermann also created independent stories like Missié Vandisandi (1991), about colonialism in Africa, and Sarajevo-Tango (1995), about the war in the former Yugoslavia. Most recently, he has collaborated on a few comics in collaboration with his son Yves.


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