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"Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

Born in 1913 in Germany and died in 1951.

Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze is better known by the pseudonym Wols. Painter, draughtsman, photographer and illustrator, he is considered as one of the pioneers of Art Informel and Tachisme movement. His paintings were executed in an informal, gestural style, with paint applied in layers, often by means of dripping and with scratches made into the surface. The resulting works have a tremendously expressive, if disturbing, power. In 1933 he moved to Paris, where he met many artists associated with the Surrealist movement that would influence his work. At the outbreak of World War II Wols was interned for 14 months. During this period he concentrated on producing ink drawings. Wols also wrote poems and aphorisms that expressed his aesthetic and philosophical ideas.