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"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013 
"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in 1939 in the USA. Lives and works in New Mexico.

 Joel Peter Witkin studied Art, but it was during his military service that he began to photograph. After 1976, he began to take photographs inspired by old masters’ paintings, particularly by scenes of the Christian religion (martyrs, saints, vanities) or by mythology. He cuts, draws on the negatives and treats them in order to alter aspects of the reality that he does not wish to see in the final result. With his photographic canvasses, Witkin engages a meditation about death, the reality of body and flesh, sexuality and the dark side of each person. His images are sometimes hard to look at, with their hybrid beings, compositions and transformations of dead flesh in morgues, deformed or amputated bodies.