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"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1948 in Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.

Jan Vercruysse’s visual work evolved from his poetry, without ever leaving poetic references or influence aside. He tries to delve deeper into relevant questions about contemporary art, both in terms of form and content. His art investigates the way we see and understand it in today’s visually overcrowded life. It is an art that seeks to find, and to define, its own philosophical place within a rapidly evolving world. “I never wanted a ‘heavy’ presence,” explains him. “I want a ‘strong’ presence, which goes precisely against how a society dominated by spectacle and media works. (…) As always, I use physics to mean metaphysics.” Vercruysse’s body of work can be divided into different series – combining sculpture, photography, writing, and installation – each of which pushes the limits of worthwhile meaning and visual possibilities of the chosen theme.