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"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1961 in Belgium. Lives and works in Ghent.

The imminent presence of death is a central idea in the work of Jan Van Oost. He approaches both the awareness of mortality and impermanence, as the fragile nature of beauty. “Irony is the strategic finesse inherent in my works, the complex ambiguity between horror and seduction, between reality and fantasy. Art reveals things that are not usually within one’s consciousness range,” explains the artist. Van Oost draws inspiration from 19th century Belgian symbolists like Antoine Wiertz, Léon Spilliaert and James Ensor. Although educated as painter, his preference for sculpture is evident. He uses rich and durable materials such as silver, marble, crystal, silk, and pearls, at the same time contrasting with and emphasizing his subject matters. Charged with symbolism, his works inspire a certain melancholy about the volatile existence of man.