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"Obsession" january - march 2015,
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in The Netherlands in 1985, he lives and works in The Netherlands.

Multidisciplinary artist Levi van Veluw combines sculpture, photography, installation art and video to create works that are often self-portraits. All his works are the result of a one-man process; he is meticulously involved at all stages of creation. The artist creates images that often consist of illogical combinations of materials, patterns, and colors. Van Veluw says: “By playing with the value of each material and by using them for a purpose that was not originally intended for them, I construct within the image, in a very small way, a different perspective on the world. (…)” In his recent series of drawings van Veluw depicts rupturing into chaos and disintegration of control and order. Human constructions find themselves undermined by forces of nature; they are, in a way, rearranged into a more natural order of being.


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