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"Resonance(s)" april - june 2014 
Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1956 in Germany. Lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Michael van Ofen’s paintings might, at first sight, look like abstract works of art. Indeed, his work is abstract but the narrative is not, it is connected with reality. Portraits or landscapes emerge, arisen from a collective memory of pre-20th century art. Actually, he chooses subjects – animals, still lives, hunting or religious scenes – that were commonplace in painted art until the modern age. Nowadays, these classical topics seem to be declined by the artists. Van Ofen deconstructs this type of historical paintings into their painterly elements and reassembles them, creating a new work that expresses the essence of the original picture in minimum brushstrokes. This way, his paintings seem familiar in their allusion and simplicity; they indicate but do not disclose too much.