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"States of Mind" january - march 2014 
Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

 Born in 1963 in Belgium. Lives and works in Ghent.

The work of Jan Van Imschoot is characterized by its social criticism, cynicism and irony. His subjects are often very dramatic and strongly narrative – the artist explores the sharp edges of the society and has a preference for historically loaded themes. For Van Imschoot painting is at the same time medium and message. "Notions of representation and linguistic confusion are constants in my work. The confrontation between the intuitive, the evacuation of accumulated knowledge, the linguistic constructions of painting, photography, film, and literature provide the possibility to play with these notions. Painting - by its ability to operate at different scales, by the use of layers of paint from the most transparent to the most opaque, thanks to a complex set of meanings, forms and associations - is a medium that allows to make connections with other languages and media."