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"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in 1972 in London. Lives and works in France.

Fashion photographer for 15 years, Sabine Villiard has photographed campaigns for Bourjois, Clarins and L'Oreal, among others. Particularly inspired by the surrealist movement, she enjoys playing with her models and exploring their funny side. 'Femiman' is how the fashion world calls the phenomenon of androgynous and transsexual models like Andrej Pejic, 19 years old serbo-croatian. "Andrej Pejic is very photogenic. He has a beautiful skin, almost translucent, which takes the light very well. It was really easy to photograph him. He has an innate easiness and a playful personality. (…) When I first saw him coming, I knew of course he was boy, but he had a very natural presence, that I found he expressed certain femininity. I photographed him just the way he was, spontaneously.  I’ve never thought to make the session highlight a more masculine or feminine side. During the photo shoot I guided him for the poses, but I let him express the side he wanted." Sabine Villiard


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