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"From here to eternity" october 2016 - april 2017

Born in Fort Collins (Colorado) in 1936, he lives and works in Gardena (California).

DeWain Valentine started to make art in plastic while making a living in boat shops. He is associated with the 1960’s Light and Space movement, and was an early pioneer in using industrial plastic and cast polyester resin for making monolithic sculptures, although he also employs translucent glass, fiberglass, stone, bronze and steel.

Valentine’s sculptures look misleadingly like machine made objects and are recognisable by their sleek surfaces, minimalist forms, translucence, and hues that shift in the light. His inspiration comes from the sky and the sea, and Valentine’s work captures them in a “transparent colored space”. Always in search for stronger building materials, he developped a plastic named Valentine MasKast which is used commercially today. Valentine received a fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1980.