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 "Pair(s)" september - december 2015

Born in France in 1941, he lives and works in New York.

Bernar Venet started his career as a painter and performer. He then turned to conceptual art and moved to New York in 1966, encouraged by his friend Arman. His art is strongly influenced by mathematics and science, and sees Venet occasionally collaborating with scientists. Venet started focusing on sculpture in the 1970s. He is most famous for his series Undetermined Lines, giant sculptures made out of Corten steel (which is easily recognizable because of its rusty color); his sculptures have been installed in cities, public parks and museums worldwide, including in the gardens of Versailles. Aside from his work as a visual artist, Venet has also taught art and art theory at the Sorbonne. He also composes music and has created Graduation, a ballet that is performed on a vertical space.


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