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"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1972 in the USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York.

Multimedia artist Kaari Upson deals mainly with the notions of self-construction: getting to know oneself through the other; mirroring; destruction and rebirth. For almost a decade, she worked on The Larry Project – started in 2003 – about a semi-fictional character she created while trying to reconstruct the biography of a man who lived near her family. She used some personal objects he left behind to create videos, installations, photographs and performances that draw on psychological self-investigation and American cultural legacy. “When I was trying to kind of hijack his life and put it together, I was researching how you could assess who somebody is,” says Upson. More recently, the artist moved away from this long-term project to new conceptual experimentations concerning her familiar topics: the past, the subconscious, and close relationships.