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"Everybody is crazy, but me" april - july 2016 
"ta.bu" january - march 2016
"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) in 1952, she lives and works in Paris.

Photographer Bettina Rheims discovered her love for the medium when she worked on the other side of the lens as a model. Her style has often been shaped by the glamour of the fashion world, yet she does not hesitate to explore controversial and deep subjects. Rheims became best known for her portraits of women. Her earliest work was a series depicting strip-tease artists and acrobats, which set up her aim to put the human and, more specifically, the female figure at the center of her creations. Beside her artistic work, Rheims has also shot commercial campaigns and magazine editorials.


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