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"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in 1935 in the USA. Lives and works between Oakland and Horta de San Juan (Spain).

Mel Ramos, one of the most significant figures of Pop art, borrows in his works motifs from the mass media and commercial advertisements. He became best known for his paintings of voluptuous naked women – wrapped around giant Coca-Cola bottles, popping out of candy wrappers or lounging on fresh fruit – drawing upon the imagery of the pin-up magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s. With these provocative female figures associated to products, Ramos parodies the glamour of the advertising industry, which attempts to influence consumers’ behavior. Irony is a constant in his work, as he exposes the advertising industry’s strategies by exhibiting them as visual quotations. Comic strips have also had an important influence in his career and Ramos immortalized heroes such as Batman and Wonder Woman in his paintings.


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