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"Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1979 in The Netherlands. Lives and works in Amsterdam.

Thomas Raat draws inspiration for his work from art history. Assuming that new art is almost impossible to produce, he manipulates the content of images created in the past and invests them with new meanings. He uses pieces of coloured plastic like pixels combined together into an image, which, paradoxically, closely resembles the cracking of a painting aged with time. His work explores the field within art is created; from the artist’s motivation to the way the public receives it. Raat’s recent creations oversee the dissemination and dullness of the imagery of modernist art. Using an idiosyncratic combination of imitation, citation, and pastiche, he has succeeded to create 'modernistic' images that seem authentic but which, in reality, are spin-offs of existing pieces.


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