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“Without them, no art collections.
With them, beauty, provocation, pleasure, reflection.”


Quinze, Arne
"Young Collectors" september - december 2013

Born in 1971 in Belgium. Lives and works in Sint-Martens-Latem.

Arne Quinze began his career as graffiti artist. Currently he creates sculptures, drawings, paintings, and large-scale installations. His work is characterized by the use of different types of wood (including salvaged wood) and electrical colors in fluorescent paint. The themes he refers to are social interaction, communication and urbanism. His public installations are built to intervene in the daily life of passers-by confront with his creations and provoke reactions. "With these sculptures I'm looking for a confrontation with the public”, explains Quinze. “I hope they start asking questions about what their function on this planet is. What happens when putting all of the sudden an alien element in the city, our usual urban environment? How do we react to atypical objects if we are confronted with them in our daily lives? Who or what remains weird, the person confronted with it or the object itself?"


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