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PAIR(s) presents its collectors’ spirit in its purest form - forever searching, inquisitive, and erudite - above all, passionate about all that is rare, unique, and singular.


Thus, this exhibition spans from 20th century design pieces to primary arts and to contemporary art, from 16th century paintings to Bauhaus postcards, and again to Japanese robots.
It travels across the continents, through India, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.
It touches both on the profane and the sacred.
In reviewing these objects and works of art, the collectors – who belong to two different families – placed them in pairs, thereby kindling a filial dialogue through their respective collections.
Ultimately, the public is invited to stroll through Maison Particulière as it presents its final exhibition of the year 2015, and go on an intimately personal, appealing, captivating, and fascinating journey.

A word about the anonymity sought and requested by the collectors.  First and foremost, this anonymity reflects their discretion and modesty. By letting the works of art speak for themselves, the collectors profess their faith and reveal that they are only the temporary keepers and custodians of their art: indeed, our time on this earth is short-lived, but the works of art live on: they are “mere” transmitters of passion.

The topic and foundation of this exhibition oscillate between …” two opposite poles” - One of our guest collectors asks: “are we free or rather predetermined in our aesthetic choices? ” ….  This is the reason why collectors from within one family were brought together: to apprehend conveying the meaning an object and thus to establish how a passion can be shared.
To illustrate this topic, most of the rooms at Maison Particulière feature works of art that belong to one family, which are exhibited in pairs or linked by association, so as to discern a related filiation.
In doing so, how moving it is to denote, on occasion, a common interest -architecture, for instance- interpreted by two different generations through pieces and objects that complement and counteract each other.
How fascinating, also, to observe a devouring passion, for primary arts for instance, fulfilled so intensely from and through a father and his sons. 
How compelling, finally, to feel that there is no restraint, no limit for any of these collectors who appreciate and love art above all and who enjoy bringing together art’s many differences or ‘divergence’, as one of them put it. 
Finally, on occasion, two families are reunited in a room, pushing the envelope further in terms of associating ideas and sensitivities since, indeed, the works of art must also be given the floor to express themselves! 

Spontaneity is certainly what best defines the guest collectors of PAIR(S). This spontaneity is primarily made up of sincerity and instinct, developed early in childhood by eyes taught to observe again and again the “treasures of the exhibition rooms at the Louvre” and accustomed to living surrounded by “beautiful things” in a “richly intellectual and artistic universe.”  Eventually learning, challenging, and (…) “Going to the point.  Leaving aside easy objects in order to focus on what escapes us and questions us.  Choosing the North face over the path more frequently trodden.”

This exhibition is all about “artistic education”, about openness onto the world and its riches, with a “profound inspiration to continue forging one’s personal path to freedom and choice.  It is about being committed to searching, understanding, and listening, while refusing to cast judgment.   Above all, it is about marveling at the sheer privilege of living surrounded by objects that enlighten, elevate, and ennoble us.”

Maison Particulière’s guests are invited to walk along on an enriching journey, bathed in amazement and wonder.

Our guests

  • 3 private art collectors; fathers, sons and brothers.