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From October till December 2014, Maison Particulière is overjoyed to welcome the works of three Italian collections as well as those of a guest artist, Flavio Favelli. Our desire was to give La Gioia, our 12th art exhibit, the colors of Italy.


For the first time in our art center, we get the opportunity to discover a country through the eyes of its collectors, who chose to lend mainly works by Italian artists.

Art and cinema; we’ve longed for ages to bring these disciplines together; La Gioia gave us the right opportunity to do it. With all his kindness and his erudition, Marcel Croës made a selection of movies or, more exactly, “created his ultimate collection" of Italian cinema from the post war period until today. We’re delighted to discover or rediscover bitter sweet, funny or charming comedies directed by Fellini, Germi, or even Pasolini. These movies are daily proposed, upon request, in one of our spaces, transformed for the occasion into a home cinema.

The discovery, a vital part of our joy of life and art participates in it in many respects, will be at the core of this art exhibit.
So, in what concerns us, with an immense pleasure we were confronted for the first time with Flavio Favelli's works, the guest artist, who, by mutual agreement, was chosen by the invited collectors of this art show. It will maybe be the same for the public.
Discover, also works from artists we already know.
Discover, finally, fascinating and generous collectors.

The proposals of our guest collectors were, according to their own words, easy to make. To discover artists and their works is an infinite delight. To live with works of art is before anything a joy: continuous, daily, and evident.

Let us say a few words about our guest collectors, who from Rome, Verona and Turin sent us their works.
They define their collection as "Una storia privata" (A private history): Anna Rosa and Giovanni Cotroneo very warmly welcomed us and kindly introduced us in their universe. If their collection consists, for the greater part, of photos (a big part of which was exposed in Paris at the European House of the Photography, between June and October, 2006) and of videos, their interests are multiple, their looks curious, and the pleasure of discovering is key to their collection.
The AGi Verona Collection is atypical, just like its founder. This one is established with 90% of works in which the year of production corresponds to the year of acquisition, an evidence thus of his support to young artists: "the discovery of a young artist, his outbreak, a pure enjoyment".
Finally, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, fascinating collector and a symbol of our time: dynamic, engaged, and generous. In her foundation of Turin, created in 1995, she encourages at the same time artists and young curators to make their début.
Three collections and, as usual, a common thread: the capacity to encourage young artists and creativity while sharing a passion with the public.

Last but not least, a few words about Flavio Favelli, the guest artist. He diverts and assembles benches, balconies, tables, and chairs and thereby plays with the emotional surge of every object and their attractive ambiguity. The joy of life for Flavio Favelli it is a "moment filled with possibility and with pleasure".

We wish to the visitors of La Gioia to feel as much enjoyment as we had preparing and proposing to you this art exhibit.

Myriam and Amaury de Solages
Our guests

The art collectors

  • AGi Verona Collection
  • Anna Rosa & Giovanni Cotroneo
  • Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

The guest artist

  • Flavio Favelli      


The cinephile guest

  • Marcel Croës