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What are States of Mind, if not the union of our bodies and souls, our thoughts and emotions? Our states of mind form the essence of our connection to the world, ushering us through each moment in our lives.

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Remembrances, lapses, feelings, thoughts confessed or repressed… States of Mind invites you to stroll through a House, a metaphor for our unconscious, in which each room, salon or chamber, represents a section of our brain, the image and representation of our soul.

The House as an allegory: “If asked to name the greatest benefit of a house, one would say:  The house shelters daydreams; the house protects the dreamer; the house lets us dream in peace.” (Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, 1957)

Dreams, Feelings, and Soul as well, all sheltered within “our” House, so conducive for introspection and reflection.

These states of mind find their reflection in the artworks proposed by four guest art-collecting couples and one guest artist, Thomas Lerooy.

Thomas Lerooy, who is as somber and romantic as his works, sets the stage for this exhibit: human passions, lyricism, suffering, memories. His drawings and sculptures mirror the rooms of our House and the artworks selected by the collectors. His works, undeniably “contemporary” and essentially “timeless,” weave a subtle link in the incessant movement of time, between the past, the fleeting present, and the future that lives only in our imaginations.

As unique as our innermost feelings and outlooks may be, we come together as one in this exhibit to express “the human condition,” as one of our guest art-collecting couples, Chris and Lieven Declerck, stated so clearly.

Conveying our states of mind, as private and subjective as they are, is a stimulating challenge. The works presented in this exhibit speak of “feelings and affection,” mirroring the words of Yannicke and Wilfried Cooreman, another art-collecting couple invited to participate in this opus in January.

Finally, Collette and Jean-Pierre Ghysels offer us a wonderful definition of art and its timeless dimension: …”all art forms successfully - and miraculously - convert all these feelings into a perpetual, positive energy that stimulates and enriches the mind.”

The works of art have been enhanced by a poetic vision selected by Victor Ginsburgh, who pairs each one with a selection of sonnets penned by Shakespeare, du Bellay, Nabokov, Neruda or Borges. His intense research alone merits particular attention. He immerses us in the “magical” universe of poetry, a singular art form that resonates magnificently within our soul.

We offer our warmest thanks to our art-collecting friends: Yannicke and Wilfried Cooreman; Chris and Lieven Declerck; Collette and Jean-Pierre Ghysels. Each and every one of them is committed, calm, composed, dynamic, and engaging. Full of positive energy, they have offered to share their joys and feelings with us.

We wish to pay tribute to Victor, who, to our great joy, is joining us for the third time. We are also very grateful to Thomas Lerooy, who has been so much in tune with our States of Mind.

Myriam and Amaury de Solages
Our guests

The art collectors

  • Yannicke and Wilfried Cooreman
  • Chris and Lieven Declerck
  • Colette and Jean-Pierre Ghysels
  • Myriam and Amaury de Solages

The artist

  • Thomas Lerooy      


The literary point of view

  • Victor Ginsburgh