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Young Collectors is a Manifesto and a will to put a new twist on generally accepted ideas.
Young Collectors has literally done us good, and Maison Particulière is proud to have the chance to welcome this seasoned youth.


There are seven of them. They are all under 40 years of age. They hail from Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Their names are Chiara and Steve, Pascaline, Bieke and Tanguy, Ronald, and Joris. Art is their passion. And we are being given the chance to discover the works that surround their daily lives. They have selected an artist from their generation, Fabrice Samyn, as their guest artist.

Attaching the adjective “Young” to the noun “Collector” may seem like a misnomer, yet the two words are compatible, for the characteristics of youth — vigor, freshness, spontaneity, curiosity, adaptability — are the intrinsic qualities of the collector. Being a collector is a state of mind.

What is it that motivates our guests? The answer can be found in their spontaneous choices, their fresh outlook, their curiosity about their era, and the force of their convictions.

Chiara and Steve Rosenblum, the eldest of this group of seven, took great liberty in making their selections.  Following their cue, “with no guiding line other than what we love,” they offer us the chance to see works of art, at times disturbing, other times humorous, but always passionate. It would be difficult to find a couple with a greater vested interest in art, since they gladly open to the public the art collection housed in their fascinating space in Paris, “Rosenblum Collection & Friends.”

Pascaline Smets, whose nascent collection is expanding day by day throughout her travels, also reveals great open-mindedness through the diversity of her tastes and interests. Getting to know oneself better by opening up to the outside world is her driving force. “Art has a surprising yet magical duality: it has its universal, accessible side that appears free from any geopolitical, cultural, or linguistic boundary; yet it enjoys an intimate and unusual aspect that engenders an intoxicating language tinged with humility.”

Bieke and Tanguy Clerinx-Van Quickenborne have been collecting for six years and are among the coterie of collectors for whom the love of Art does not restrict itself to acquiring art, but rather to maintaining close relationships with the young artists whose works they value. The driving force behind their passion has remained unchanged from the start: “to be on the constant lookout for young artists who are waiting to be discovered.”

Ronald Rozenbaum places the artist at the heart of his love for art. Passionate about philosophy, he is gifted with the knowledge of a scholar and a thoughtful but clear point of view on art. Although he has been collecting for only three years, he had confessed with great hindsight that “collecting is utterly useless… and thus, indubitably indispensable…” - A phrase of significance to all collectors! 

In his approach to art, Joris Beerneart, the youngest of the group, reveals that being young and a collector means defining one’s priorities, being selective, and choosing from among very young, brand new artists. He financed his first art purchases through student jobs. Beyond his modest but equally intense personality, he confesses that he finds living his daily life among his works of art as personally enriching as “the search for talent and the contact with artists, gallery owners, and collectors.”

If we could define one characteristic that these Young Collectors all have in common, it would be modesty. The works of art and the exchanges with the artists are far and away more important than placing any ego first.

We conclude with a word about Fabrice Samyn, the guest artist selected by the group of seven. Theirs was not a trivial choice, as he embodies one of the key concerns of our era, the role of the image. Fabrice Samyn places the role of the image within the context of “today” while ceaselessly referring to images that have shaped us for centuries. His works fit “into the timeless debate regarding the boundary between the idol and the icon, between sacred or profane beauty, between what becomes either a source of fascination or of unfettered contemplation.”

Young Collectors has been a real joy, the fruit of constantly questioning the how and why of collecting. The exhibit took us by surprise, for after all we were the first viewers.  Surprise is the core of the exhibit: to be surprised, astonished, delighted, disconcerted. Pleasure is the primal feeling that precedes any act of acquisition; the precious, vital and enduring sensation we all experience as we contemplate a work of art that moves us.

Myriam and Amaury de Solages
Our guests

The art collectors

  • Joris Beernaert
  • Chiara and Steve Rosenblum
  • Ronald Rozenbaum
  • Pascaline Smets
  • Bieke and Tanguy Clerinx-Van Quickenborne

The artist

  • Fabrice Samyn