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For this very first installation, along the theme of Origin(s), we have invited those collectors who have supported, advised and inspired us since the inception of our project.
In this regard, Daniel Templon, Jacques Billen, Alexandre Percy and Pieter Laurens Mol have played an influential role, each in their own way. Victor Ginsburgh also came to us to offer his literary view over selected works.

Origin(s) has a specific meaning for each one of our guests.

For us, this means displaying visions of the universe, of infinity, of nature. Visions of what makes life, water and the earth. Visions of deconstruction and transformation. Visions of evolution from non-being to being.
Visions that reflect man's quest for answers about his origins since the beginning of time.

For Daniel Templon, Origin(s) takes a personal tone, with the various artists he met early on in his career: Ben, Barré, Boltanski, and Buren. The artwork he presents comes from his personal collection.

Jacques Billen, as an informed archaeologist, unveils for us objects from his private collection to explore the origins of mankind, in particular through man's first tools. "We are now in the 21st century, and what came before us, the cognizance of our origins, the advent of man, and our first steps into human technology are simply fascinating."

Alexandre Percy, with his passion for photography, offers his own visualization of Origins through this particular medium.
"What came to mind upon hearing the theme of Origin(s) was simply the adventure of life, a path like a journey through history. Far from choosing one theory or delving into philosophical debate over the origin of origins, I wanted to present specific events, which are central to our world, to the point of becoming artistic visions, subjects of life."

A Dutch artist invited to participate in this exhibit, Pieter Laurens Mol selected from his own works those that represent his vision of Origin(s). Here, in his own words, is a summary of his viewpoint:
"Origin(s) especially emphasizes the importance of a focused life-force:
The Origin(s) concept refers to the source(s) from which all life springs."…

Finally, Origin(s) according to Victor Ginsburgh, professor emeritus and researcher at the Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) in Brussels and at the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (Louvain-La-Neuve) who specializes in the field of the economics of art and culture. With his passion for literature and the arts, Victor selected texts that illustrate "quite subjectively" his own perception of the artwork installed around the theme of "Origin(s)" – from Borges to Rimbaud, to Kerouac and Cioran, even Patti Smith.
Victor cannot remember whether he adapted the texts to the artwork, or the artwork to the text, a little like Jorge Luis Borges "who often would tell a story, but was no longer sure if he remembered the event itself or merely the words in the story."


Myriam and Amaury de Solages

Our Guests
The art collectors

  • Jacques Billen
  • Alexandre Percy
  • Daniel Templon
  • Amaury and Myriam de Solages

The artist

  • Pieter Laurens Mol

The literary point of view

  • Victor Ginsburgh