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A multitude of references, a rush of words, often troubling works of art… Red unleashes passion. Why expect otherwise? Red evokes something out of the ordinary.




Our latest exhibit at Maison Particulière opens in September 2012 blazing with fire, blood, anger, forbiddance, eroticism, transgression, and sin…

How spontaneously our guests heeded the call to select works from their collection — and what passionate choices they have made! Our thanks go to those who have so generously shared their feelings. We are merely trustees of the works in our possession… as Nicole and Daniel Lebard, Estelle and Hervé Francès and our fourth couple of art collector-lenders have so brilliantly demonstrated. Our guest artist, Lluís Lleó, out of friendship and for our greatest pleasure, has lent us a selection of his works, which he created in both New York and Catalonia. What impressive frescoes!

What an honor it is to have the chance to meet Mme Annie Mollard-Desfour, our literary guest for this exhibit. Her work as a linguist-lexicographer, and as the author of a series of dictionaries dedicated to words and expressions focusing on color have provided us with an incomparable view of this «rubescent» color, by means of the definitions and passages selected to accompany, illustrate, and highlight each work.

Because all of our guests have chosen works that echo their passion, their selections reveal something about their innermost lives. Since Lluís Lleó unveils his fondness for red as a show of his true color: «my mother’s lipstick, my country’s flag, Pompeii, Goya, Catalan tomatoes, a stop sign, or even Rothko,» he invites us to question the enduring presence of the color in his works, ever since he discovered the first open tube of paint in his father’s atelier. 

Estelle and Hervé Francès «wish to dedicate (their collection) to Man and his excesses, (where) red holds a very important place, even in black and white photographs or monochromatic sculptures.» Extreme works, symbols of collectors who as a couple are committed, passionate, and open to sharing. 

Nicole and Daniel Lebard are collectors with a high sense of curiosity about everything from modern to ancient works of art, archeological artifacts to design, thus illustrating the broad range of their taste and exhaustive knowledge. Their works hinge on red, from fire to blood, sweeping across urban violence and elements unleashed by nature.

The fourth couple of art collectors participating at the exhibit is, quite simply, attracted to the color red: its vibrancy, its dramatic tones, and in a word, its beauty. Captivating and prolific collectors, the abundance of works they have proposed is illuminating.

While our own point of departure for the theme Red was anchored in Spain, and although we thought our collection was far removed from noise and fury, we ultimately realized that the color Red, too, holds an important place in our collection. How can we live without passion?

Our passion will be on display once again at Maison Particulière, thanks to the efforts of the collectors and artists. We are extremely grateful and offer them our warmest thanks.

Myriam and Amaury de Solages

The guests

4 art collectors among which 

  • Hervé and Estelle Francès
  • Daniel and Nicole Lebard
  • Amaury and Myriam de Solages

The artist

  • Lluís Lleó

The literary point of view

  • Annie Mollard-Desfour