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APRIL 19 - JUNE 30
At the heart of Struggle(s), several notions of struggle can be detected: the fight for survival, works of denunciation, fights for a cause, the duty to remember, revolts against tyranny, questioning of values, defense or criticism of a system.  Individual or collective, there is a universal dimension to these struggles and conflicts.




Both personally and as representatives of a community, modern artists as well as artists from by-gone eras and civilizations, are privileged witnesses, and at times, even participants in struggles past or present.

The fourth exhibit on display at Maison Particulière, Struggle(s) attempts to portray these struggles, combats, and denunciations.  Be they peaceful or violent, individual or community-wide, these struggles are the brave denunciation of a feeling of dissatisfaction or a reality.
Isn’t a work of art the tangible result of a deep and intimate emotion experienced by an artist?
Doesn’t an undemocratic society claim that its overall duty is to eliminate—physically or symbolically—the artists and their works? Or subject them to their power?

The works presented in this exhibit were produced by artists who lived or who are living during periods and within regions subject to the yoke of dictatorship, or in societies where censorship is still a fact of life.  They are witnesses to and/or participants in traumatic events, as well as observers of the drifting of our modern societies. To varying degrees, they all bear witness to the theme of Struggle(s).

The artworks present in this art exhibit, generously chosen by each of the art collectors invited to participate, show profound diversity and variety in the visions about this topic. Each art collector expresses complementary visions on Struggle: ranging from the amorous defense to daily life’s difficulties, environmental issues and femininity related issues, from silent cries to protests …
But, as Jean-Claude Rachline wrote, in the end, they all are Hymns to life.

We would like to thank our friends art collectors for their generosity, time and their profound sense of sharing, our invited artist, Josep Niebla, and last but not least Jean- Claude Rachline, our literary guest, who elegantly and intensively played the games proposed by Maison Particulière and wrote original texts that accompany the artworks.

The art collectors are the heartbeat of Maison Particulière. Thanks to them we have the great pleasure to show wonderful artworks to the public. They show us that art has the power to unite persons from all horizons and all cultures.

Amaury and Myriam de Solages
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  • Josep Niebla

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  • Jean-Claude Rachline