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Frivolous or brilliant, casual or elegant, ephemeral or transparent... what is the true meaning of Lightness?

Isn’t lightness at the core of every human contradiction?



This is indeed the ultimate paradox, so vividly portrayed by Kundera in «The Unbearable Lightness of Being,» leaving us all at once pondering and laughing. Are «light» and «free» not one and the same? Free from the weight of oppression and social rigidity. In his creative pursuit, does the artist not reveal the essence of life, which only he can see through unbiased, ethereal and provoking eyes?

Maison Particulière’s third installation reveals the many harmonious facets of the word «Lightness,» thanks to those art collectors who have agreed to show a glimpse of their own sensitivity in the artwork they selected for this particular theme.

No clashing visions here, only remarkable connections.

Danuté and Alain Mallart, among all the many facets of «Lightness,» have wished to «centered their choices on lightness considered as a flight, an aspiration for weightlessness, an impulse.» «And, with the sense of humor that defines them so well, they have seized the theme’s question mark to broaden their proposals to works of art full of irony and questioning.»

Maurice Van Valen starting point of reflection regarding «Lightness?» is the affinity he keeps with works of art, which while dealing with serious subjects are transcended into an anecdote. To him, lightness is strongly linked with humor and irony, which can also be found in a group of works all the same «relaxed, poetic and optimistic.»

The intimate relation Pierre Marie Giraud entertains with the works of the artists he appreciates is fully expressed in his desire to share them in a silent and meditative environment. One of the fundamental idea of Pierre Marie’s approach as an art lover is found in his way of living with art, contemplating and making his «daily life lighter.»

Lightness such as, the virtuosity and the skillfully ways of the artist facing his art, the command of his gestures and materials, the conscience before the knowledge, are masterfully expressed by Pablo Reinoso, Argentian artist living in Paris. Like a poet, he is facing «the vertigo of seeing, of not backing up in front of the knowledge that is here, enigmatic or obvious, confronting you.»

Our dear Marcel Croës, movie lover «par excellence,» who sees life through the mirror of his favorites books, operas or films, is giving us the great pleasure of his erudition through a rich selection of texts from Prévert to Schoenberg, Lao Tseu and Kafka, or libretto’s extracts from Verdi or Monteverdi, thus showing us his great curiosity and epicureanism. Nevertheless, as he so well tells us, «My idea of lightness finds its ideal incarnation in Ernst Lubitsch’s movies.» Let’s go and watch again «Design for living» and «Trouble in paradise.»

As for us, it is rather not possible to live without «Lightness,» without at the same time be serious and be able to mock oneself. And, we are especially sensitive to works of art that are poetic and floating, to artists dealing with derision and who enable us to confront life and its mysteries, «incidentally,» with humor.

Therefore, our sincere thanks go to our art-collecting friends, Mr. and Mrs. Alain Mallart, Mr. Maurice van Valen, and Mr. Pierre-Marie Giraud; to Mr. Pablo Reinoso, our captivating, poetic artist from Argentina; and to Mr. Marcel Croës, distinguished specialist in film and opera and literary expert extraordinaire, for their «lightness» and grace in agreeing to take part in this exhibition.

Amaury and Myriam de Solages
The guests

The art collectors

  • Pierre Marie Giraud
  • Alain and Danuté Mallart
  • Maurice van Valen
  • Amaury and Myriam de Solages

The artist

  • Pablo Reinoso

The literary point of view

  • Marcel Croës