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"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Pierre Commoy born in France in 1950, Gilles Blanchard born in France in 1953; they live and work in Paris.

Artistic duo Pierre et Gilles met in 1976 and have been working together ever since. Their distinct style combines elements from popular culture (like superheroes, Hollywood and Bollywood cinema or Korean iconography) with elements from art history, like pop art and religious icons. According to Pierre et Gilles, “in art, there is no good or bad taste.” Their colorful, baroque artworks are the result of a distinct work process: after selecting the décor, costumes, pose and lighting together, Pierre takes the photograph. Once the photograph is developed, Gilles paints over it, making it a unique work of art, to which they then add a carefully selected frame. Together, they redefined the art of portraiture, taking pictures of both anonymous friends and celebrities, be they singers, actors, or porn stars. “We idealize the people we take pictures of, but behind that, their own energy comes through. We show the world as it is, but through a poetic eye.”