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 "La Gioia" october - december 2014

Born in 1971 in Italy. Lives and works in Anchorage (Alaska).

Pervaded by irony, the works of Paola Pivi focus on upside-down situations, showing a personal universe ruled by the laws of absurdity. A truly multimedia artist, her creations are embracing sculpture - some by using ordinary materials like pearls and ribbons - photography and installations - certain involving live animals and people. Paola Pivi likes to produce ambiguous and contradictory feelings like lightness and weight, smoothness and violence, warm and cold, seriousness and irrationality, singularity and mass. These unlikely situations and awkward feelings are to be experienced and experimented with. Then, anything becomes possible. “What I like about art, whether mine or someone else’s, is the feeling that something has entered my experience, without exactly knowing what it is, but somehow feeling enriched by it,” says Pivi.


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