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"La Gioia" october - december 2014 

Born in 1934 in Italy and died in 2011.

With eight participations in the Venice Biennale starting from 1972, Vettor Pisani gradually revealed himself as one of the most important witnesses and champions of artistic research in Italy from the ‘70s, as well as one of the most personal and visionary authors on the art scene of his generation. The works of Pisani are fantasy theatres of memory and knowledge, philosophical and cognitive representations “of the history of modern Europe” while describing at the same time its contradictions and, finally, provisional museums of the inevitable destruction and constant reconstruction of art, in which the kaleidoscopic diversity of the artist’s artifacts and references, the dimensions of history and myth, gender, the different cultural traditions and identities of the artist all come together in a unicum, indescribable in its critical status and aesthetic consistency.