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"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1961 in Romania. Lives and works in Bucharest.

Dan Perjovschi is mostly known by mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti to create pieces directly on the walls of museums and contemporary art spaces all over the world. Everywhere he goes, he keeps up with local news and makes witty testimonies on them. His works are keen eyesight on current political, social or cultural issues, as well as on everyday life. He also reacts to events that affect his immediate environment, such as the restoration of the cultural identity in post-communist Romania. He has transformed his main medium, drawing, using it to create objects, performances and installations. By lessening this medium to its most elementary expression – the clear line – Perjovschi invests his creations with maximum readability, thus getting them closer to writing. The notions of drawing and writing are, indeed, inseparable in the artist’s work. As clarity, spontaneity, and immediacy are so typical of his sketches, his finished drawings embody the most direct materialization of a thought.