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"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in 1965 in France.

With Philippe Pasqua, the taste for the monumental goes hand in hand with an attraction towards what is most vulnerable – bodies and faces, sometimes with stigmatizing differences that the artist adopts and magnifies through his paintings. Handicaps, differences, obscenity or the sacred: each canvas is the fruit of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and 'tolerated', and what is socially repressed or concealed. As a counterpoint to this 'physical' work, there are his grand drawings and also the 'palimpsests' – works on paper mixing silk-painting techniques, printing and painting. Another major aspect of Pasqua’s work lies in his series of 'vanities'. He covers human skulls with gold or silver leaf and decorates them with butterflies with iridescent colours. Other skulls can be covered in leather, and then tattooed with delicate motifs of imaginary flowers interleaved with mythical animals. For several years, the artist has also been going to Carrara frequently, where he sculpts skulls weighing several tons. At the foundry, he produces large bronze casts that are then plunged into baths of chrome. The skulls that emerge — human or animal — become like mirrors: sometimes you only see their blinding reflection, sometimes they disappear, so that what they are reflecting, emerges. And on approaching them, inevitably it is our own image that we see.


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