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"ta.bu" january - march 2016

Born in France in 1983, he lives and works in Lille.

Justine Pluvinage studied psychology and photography before, eventually, turning to video art. Pluvinage creates videos in a documentary, almost voyeuristic style, in which she lets people express their doubts, emotions and feelings. She has filmed women talking about their life in prison (Catherine, 2009), about their boredom and unhappiness (Eliane, mère de l’ombre, 2007) or about their experience with death (Le dernier mot, 2009). She also creates fiction, as with Tourette et Péroné (2012), about a man who can’t stop laughing due to a weird Tourette-like illness. The artist doesn’t judge the people she films, but offers them a space in which they can be themselves. She often adds further distance by recording a voice over or adding subtitles in post-production, like in Mirifique (2012), a video in which she tells us about her dreams over a series of images shot in Rome.


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