The House

"Running the house with a top-notch,
savvy team."

Maxim Frank
Technical director
Ana Guerreiro Lacerda
Communications assistant and in charge of members relations 
Margaux De Pauw
Research assistant 

Maxim is essentially an artist, and as such, his point of view is vital to the staging of our exhibitions. Transportation, insurance, and logistics are his key responsibilities, which he carries out with the help of his team. Installing, taking down, packing,  shipping, lighting, beautifying the art center, handling the works of art and the objects – are but a few of the challenges he tackles with great expertise. Maxim keeps an eye on everything at Maison Particulière: he ensures that the art center is geared up properly and that its day-to-day operations are performed efficiently.

Polyglot and enjoying human interaction, Ana maintains the relations with our members, patrons and donors. She organizes events and the partnerships of the art center: concerts, conferences, and encounters.

Communication - in the broad sense of the word - is part of her functions.

Ana is responsible for our website and keeps our social media updated and lively. She is also in charge of press relation. Ana is a truly valuable and essential asset to the management team of Maison Particulière. And, because she has been part of the art center since its very beginning, she knows it by heart.


Margaux researches information about the artists and their work, writes and composes texts and biographies as well as the layout of our famous black books. She is cordial, and loves to welcome and inform our visitors. She is also in charge of organizing the guided tours at Maison Particulière.  Her curiosity knows no bounds, nor does her enthusiasm: from archeology to contemporary art, passing by literature, her competences and her view are essential to the smooth functioning of Maison Particulière.