The House

"They were our faithful partners: Instore, Peinture Fraiche, Dandoy, et The Different Company.
With them we were able to live, read, savor, discover and fragrance Maison Particulière."




So much to see, and so much to… read, explore, understand, deepen and satisfy one’s curiosity. What is a house without a library, a repository of dreams and inner journeys? With each new art exhibit, a new literary work enters our library, one more opportunity for exploration and culture. The brainchild of Peinture Fraîche, the esteemed Brussels establishment, reference books on artists and art trends take their rightful place on our library shelves and in our salons, all for the pleasure of our guests. Books and Art, books on art: what a wonderful and timeless partnership.


Of the Latin "speculum" mirror, the speculoos of Maison Dandoy is a work of art for almost 185 years. They are sculpted and made the traditional way in handcrafted wooden molds. 

Archetypal flavor of Belgium, the ingredients that make up this delicious biscuit are the brown sugar and the cinnamon, the nutmeg and the clove. 

To pass on and to share, from generation to generation, such is the motto of this Belgian Institution. The human adventure of Dandoy, like an initiatory route, is in harmony with the values of Maison Particulière. We are proud to be able to offer to our friends and visitors thousand and some delicacies prepared by Dandoy for our most gustative great pleasure.





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Visiting, exploring, knowing Brussels thanks to the communications agency for tourism in the Brussels Region, Because their goal is to reinforce the image of the Belgian capital. Because being increasingly visible in the cultural landscape of Brussels is fundamental. Maison Particulière benefits from this agency's expertise and insights. addresses itself to the professionals (journalists, congress organizers, tour guides and operators) as well as to the larger public, thanks to the promotion of culture and tourism in the Belgian capital. also organizes events and supports film directors who wish to make Brussels the setting for their next film.

Mysterious and poetic fragrances fill the air with Osmanthus, Bergamote, Sel de Vétiver, Jasmin de Nuit, Rose Poivrée, Bois d’Iris….  Experience the very essence of emotions in a blend of sight and smell, feelings and sensations. Fragrances permeate the mind and heighten passions. To visualize art on display, as ambient scents stir emotions, is an inimitable experience brought to light at Maison Particulière, thanks to its association with The Different Company. Designing an exhibit evoking all senses, selecting the fragrance that best illustrates a group of artworks is a challenge artfully mastered by these creators of exceptional perfumes.