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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 14:29
Dear friends,

Everybody is crazy, but me celebrates the 5th anniversary of Maison Particulière. It is a very personal exhibition and difficult for us to promote, as this time it is a selection of our own private collection.


This exhibition follows no chronology, takes no notion of value, and is made without taboo or regret. It is put together almost by chance; chance being repeatedly falling in love with the art pieces that we have collected over the years. Some of these pieces have never been exhibited together, others have never been shown before, and quite a few can only been seen at Maison Particulière.


In these five years, even though we often participated according to the same principles and demands we require of all participating collectors, we have never told the public which artworks belong to us. We leave it up to the visitor of Maison Particulière to judge the value of our decision, but we hope that it allows them to better understand what we have tried to accomplish these past five years: to encourage sharing of art with the public and to open a (sometimes unlikely) dialogue between artworks that would otherwise never have shared a room.


This independent and subjective look at art, which is according to us specific to a private collection, is impassioned with the help of a literary companion. For Everybody is crazy, but me, we owe our thanks to Victor Ginsburgh. Guest writer for our first exhibition, Origine(s), it seemed but natural to ask him once more to choose supporting texts. It is in the literature of the Middle East that he has found his inspiration. We encourage you more than ever to read our black books, put at your disposal in every room, and leaf through the accompanying books.


There is also a surprise guest, Arne Van Wonterghem, with an artwork from his own private collection. We were touched by his proposal to show the very first piece of art that he bought, which incidentally refers directly to the number five, and we would like to thank him once again in this letter.


Many artists were present at our preview organized last Wednesday for members of our association. Some have been guest artists in the past, others have been exhibited once or more at Maison Particulière. We thank them wholeheartedly, because without them we would of course have no reason to celebrate this anniversary.


Likewise, the furniture store Instore, who has been our partner since the very beginning due to its founders Pierre Hoet and Didier Bindel, allows us to present a few pieces of extraordinary furniture from EDRA, particularly the creations of the brothers Campana. We would like to thank them for their apt choices.


In April, Brussels is alive with art, and no doubt the frontrunner is Art Brussels. By virtue of Anne Vierstate, Katerina Gregos and Marie Van der Elst, Maison Particulière is once again a partner of this peerless event.


We hope to see many of you, whether alone or accompanied by your family, friends or a guide, to Everybody is crazy, but me. Ana Lacerda, Maxim Frank, Margaux De Pauw and Arne Van Wonterghem are very happy to welcome you; as without them, Maison Particulière would not be able to function and create these exhibitions.

Kindest regards,

Myriam and Amaury de Solages