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"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1973 in China. Lives and works in Beijing.

Liu Bolin, also called The Invisible Man, became known for his series Hiding in the City (2005). Bolin is a multidisciplinary artist, using painting, photography, sculpture, and performance. By carefully painting his own body to seemingly fuse with and disappear into a variety of urban spaces, objects, and architectures, the artist explores the ways in which the places we live in shape our identities. After his first series, he extended his ‘camouflage actions’ from China to the rest of the world. Liu Bolin is concerned with the distance between: freedom and control, expression and silence, individual and collective, perceptible and invisible. Like other Chinese artists of his generation, his creations explore the experience of living in a quickly altering urban environment.


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