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"Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1961 in Spain. Lives and works in New York.

Lluís Lleó moves with identical ease between painting and sculpture, making his body of work especially difficult to catalogue. Characteristic of his work is the combination of painting with three-dimensional elements and architectural references. Lleó’s creations are neither sculptural paintings nor painted sculptures; they are works that lie midway between abstraction and figuration. The architectural elements, which he has been using since the beginning of the 1990s, focus on the mysterious and evocative power of geometry and the rhythms and pacing that it can define. A third generation painter, Lleó inherited from his family an interest for traditional techniques such as the one of ‘al fresco’ painting. The result is a body of work that seeks concurrence between elements that appear opposite: lyricism and power; order and chaos; presence and transparency.


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