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“Without them, no art collections.
With them, beauty, provocation, pleasure, reflection.”


Jackson, Alison
"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in 1960 in England. Lives and works in London.

Alison Jackson’s work explores the cult of celebrity and its impact on contemporary life. She uses lookalikes to make convincingly realistic photographs of celebrities in their privacy, making up scenes that cannot be witnessed. Likeness becomes real and fantasy touches on the believable. Her work raises question such as “can we believe in what we see?”. Jackson comments on voyeurism and the seductive power of imagery, in a world saturated with visual information. She is a funny and thought-provoking commentator on the burgeoning phenomenon of contemporary celebrity culture.


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Janne, Alice
"Youth: portraits of artists, between freedom and fight" september 2014 

Born in 1985 in Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels.
Studied at ERG.


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Janssens, Ann Veronica
"States of Mind"  january - march 2013 
Lightness?" january - march 2012

Born in 1956 in the United Kingdom. Lives and works in Brussels.

Ann Veronica Janssens' artistic practice could be defined as an exploratory journey into the sensory experience of reality. Using different devices – installations, projections, immersive environments, urban interventions, sculptures – she invites the viewer to cross the threshold into a new sensory space. In a register inspired by cognitive processes, her works tend toward a certain minimalism, underscoring the fleeting, ephemeral or fragile character of what she is proposing. Spatialization and distribution of light, radiant colour and translucent or reflective surfaces all serve to reveal the instability of our perception of time and space.


Jaune, Oda
"ta.bu" january - march 2016,
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013,

"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in Bulgaria in 1979, she lives and works in Paris.

Oda Jaune studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. Her work shows individuals, objects and unidentified shapes in scenes at once poetic and disturbing. Jaune creates a unique world, which crisscrosses in a dreamlike atmosphere, with surrealist influences, retro iconography, socialist realism, Hollywood movies’ recollections, advertisements or ‘faits divers’.


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Jeanclos, Georges
"Icon(s)" april - july 2015

Born in France in 1933, he lives and works in Madrid.

Georges Jeanclos was a French sculptor and professor at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. As an artist, Jeanclos was heavily influenced by his childhood in a Jewish family during World War II. Human suffering is at the heart of his oeuvre. Inspired by ancient Etruscan sculptures, his choice medium, grey terracotta, reflects the fragility of life. His sculptures often represent bald, meditating individuals. These sculptures exude a sense of calm and serenity, recalling praying Buddhist monks. Jeanclos’ famous series Dormeurs (“Sleepers”) expresses the same sense of serenity. Jeanclos is also known for his bronze sculptures, fountains and monumental works, many of which were made for public commissions.


Jiang Zhi
"States of Mind" january - march 2014

Born in 1971 in China. Lives and works in Shenzhen and Beijing.

The work of Jiang Zhi encompasses video, painting, photograph, installation, and writing. He places himself at the intersection of poetry and sociology. His creations explore social experiences and human relations in a poetic way, usually avoiding political statements.


Jodice, Mimmo
 "La Gioia" october - december 2014

Born in 1934 in Italy. Lives and works in Naples.

Mimmo Jodice sees photographic language not only as a descriptive mean but also as an expressive one. Since the 1960’s he has been experimenting with different materials, abstract forms, linguistic and technical aspects of photography. Deeply involved with avant-garde movements during the 1970’s, he started devoting himself more and more to conceptual photography. Jodice developed a perspective in which the human figure is no longer the protagonist, but an empty urban space, laden with symbolic power and metaphysical memories. Absence becomes the sign of a historical disappointment with the disorientation of culture and the Italian political world of these years.


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Johansson, Michael
"Inner Journeys" april - june 2013

Born in 1975 in Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö.

For his sculptures and installations, Michael Johansson uses all kinds of abandoned daily objects, from household items to suitcases and even cars. According to him: “Engaging directly with these objects, manipulating them, juxtaposing them against each other or representing them in a new context is my method of work.” Michael Johansson’s stacked installations can be found taking refuge in the unnoticed empty spaces scattered throughout dense urban sprawl. Whether the works are packed between two buildings or piled into abandoned closets, archways, doorjambs or windows, the artist carefully organizes disused objects to fill out the spaces perfectly. Johansson’s aim is to free objects from their function, creating pieces that are between deliberate exaggeration and apparently accidental situation, which will provoke feelings in the viewer of both familiarity and strangeness.


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Johnson, Rashid
"Young Collectors" september - december 2013 
"Struggle(s)" april - june 2012

Born in 1977 in the USA. Lives and works in New York.

Rashid Johnson belongs to a generation of young African-American artists that takes an extremely critical approach to the search for their cultural roots and identity. Photography is his favorite medium, but he also experiments with sound art, video or even sculpture. His creations are aesthetically nonconformist and politically provocative. The artist uses different materials – such as black wax, wood, ceramic and everyday life objects like small bowls, books and plants – to create installations that combine elements of Afro-American history, pop culture, and references to recent art history.


José Galindo, Regina
"ta.bu" january - march 2016

Born in Guatemala in 1974, she lives and works in Antigua.

Performance artist Regina José Galindo creates performances with social, historical and political themes, such as violence against women or the crimes committed during the Guatemalan civil war (1960 – 1996). One of her most famous performance is Who Can Erase the Traces (2003), in which she walked to the National Palace of Guatemala, dipping her bare feet in human blood, as a protest against the presidential candidacy of former dictator José Efraín Ríos Montt. José Galindo often puts her body at the center of her performances; she has, for example, shaved her entire body, got Tasered, let her head be plunged repeatedly in a water basin in a denunciation of water boarding, got blasted by high-pressure water hose, or dressed as a maid for one month to denounce the treatment of these workers. She received a Golden Lion award at the 2005 Venice Biennial for a series of performances which included Himenoplastia, a performance in which José Galindo filmed the surgical reconstruction of her hymen.


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Josephson, Kenneth
"Sex, Money and Power" january - march 2013

Born in 1932 in the USA.

Kenneth Josephson began photographing with the snapshot camera of his family in 1944 and bought his own professional equipment two years later. His early works focused on the act of picture making and offered playful commentary on photographic truth and illusion, using photography itself to question the veracity of the medium. Especially remarkable from this period is his Images within Images series. This work placed him on the forefront of Conceptual photography. Since then, Josephson has extended his output to include elegant images of India’s street life, a series of nudes, European landscapes and photographs of books folded into whimsical and sensuous forms.


Josseau, Alain
"Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1968 in France. Lives and works in Toulouse.

Alain Josseau is interested in new technologies and is directing his work towards a reflection on the attributes of the image. The images he uses as sources are coming from medias, film, video games, web, art history and contemporary history. Josseau’s creations encompass painting, drawing, video, installation and addresses major historical events like the attacks of the 9/11, the Kennedy assassination and the Iraq war.


Jouve, Georges
 "Pair(s)" september - december 2015

Born in France in 1910, he died in 1964.

Georges Jouve grew up in a family of decorators. He studied art history and sculpture at the École Boulle in Paris and worked briefly in theatre before turning to ceramics in 1941. Their sober, abstract and modern shapes characterized his candlesticks, vases, bottles, lamps, etc. In 1945, Jouve became a member of the Salon des Décorateurs. Together with other designers like Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé, he advocated opening up decorative arts to a wider public. That same year, Jouve started experimenting with black ceramics, which he polished in a way that it reflects light. This technique is inspired by buccero nero, a technique dating back to 6th-century-Etruria. His black ceramics quickly became his signature style. From the 1950s onwards, Jouve almost exclusively created sculptures, most of which were anthropomorphic and zoomorphic.


Junker, Susanne
"Femininity 0.1" september - december 2011

Born in 1973 in Germany. Lives and works between Paris and Shanghai.

Susanne Junker has been working in the fashion business for almost 20 years; first as model and later behind the cameras. She dedicates herself both to commercial assignments and artistic work. The mixture of confrontation, identity and aesthetic questions characterize her photographs. The perfect woman is a lie (2006) is one of Junker’s self-portraits that question identity and transfiguration of the portrayal of women in our modern society. Far from the clichés of fashion industry, she tries to show another facet of women and beauty.


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