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"Obsession" january - march 2015 

Born in France in 1904, he died in 1987.

A self-taught painter, Jean Hélion at the beginning of his career created abstract works and it is after the war that he developed a figurative style. Together with other artists he formed Art Concret, which valued objectivity over symbolism and personal associations and began integrating figurative elements into his work. This return to figuration was the hallmark of his postwar paintings. Hélion’s experiences during the Second World War – joining the French army in 1940, being captured by the Germans and sent to a camp, finally his escape – changed his way of thinking about art. ''A man who has been locked up for a few years knows the value of reality. What can you communicate but the problematic meaning of the world?'' he said in one interview. In his post-war figurative paintings, the artist revisited singularly classical themes like still lives, landscapes and, especially, nudes.