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"States of Mind" january - march 2014 

Born in 1976 in England. Lives and works in Amsterdam.

Claire Harvey works cross painting and installation. She is best known for her miniature monochromatic drawings depicting solitary figures lost in thought or engaged in common activities. No matter how small the pieces, the artist is able to capture the mood of the subjects and reflect a sense of loneliness and isolation. Her characters might be caught on canvas, Post-it notes, transparent material (such as clear tape), or exist only as evanescent silhouettes projected on the walls. “Harvey’s sharp powers of observation originate from the time she was an art student in London, and sketched the people she saw on the public transport system on little glass slides that she later on projected on the walls of her house,” explains art historian Marta Gnyp. “On her long daily commutes she saw her tiny drawings as a playful way of channeling her curiosity about people in their surroundings. So Harvey sees limitations as providing a context in which her thoughts and creative powers can grow, and she sees doubt and confusion as providing potential and frequently rewarding sources of inspiration.”


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