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"Young Collectors" september - december 2013

Born in 1925 in the USA and died in 1996.

Duane Hanson is mostly known for his life-size realistic sculptures of people, cast in different materials such as polyester resin, fiberglass or bronze. “I'm mostly interested in the human form as subject matter and means of expression for my sculpture. And what can generate more interest, fascination, beauty, ugliness, joy, shock or contempt than a human being?” Hanson used live models to recreate characters of American life in the most accurate details, dressing and accessorizing them accordingly, and often assembling mini-installations to situate them in the right context. He was mainly interested in everyday actions and political subjects. He repeatedly approached the thankless roles of the working class like housewives, repairmen, office cleaners, dishwashers, museum guards, and janitors.