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"La Gioia" october - december 2014 
Red" september - december 2012

Born in 1965 in England. Lives and works in Devon and London.

Since the late 1980’s, Damien Hirst has used varied practices - installation, sculpture, painting and drawing - to explore the complex relationship between art, science, life and death. His work investigates and challenges contemporary belief systems, and dissects the tensions and uncertainties at the heart of human experience through unexpected and unconventional media. In 1991 Hirst began his famous series Natural History. Through preserving creatures - like a shark or a cow - in minimalist steel and glass tanks filled with formaldehyde solution, he intended to create a "zoo of dead animals." Hirst uses the tools and iconography of science and religion, creating pieces whose intensity offer the viewer insight into art that transcends our familiar understanding of those domains.


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