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"Resonance(s)" april - june 2014 
"Lightness?" january - march 2012

Born in 1925 in France and died in 2013.

Philippe Hiquily has always refused to be bound to any movement. As a sculptor, his works are characterized by a pervasive eroticism and take as a starting point the human body (mostly female) that the artist sometimes fills with elements borrowed from nature. The search for formal balance is evident. He worked mostly from recyclable materials. The use of metal – iron, steel, brass or aluminium – is inseparable from his style and the ‘métal direct’ technique is linked to his name. In the 1960's, Hiquily turned his attention to making furniture from his favourite material. His furniture is actually an extension of his work in sculpture. They are technically challenging, beautifully crafted and carry with them all of the artist’s sculptural preoccupations and enthusiasms.